From Previous Attendees

In my 25+ years as a veterinarian, I have attended many lectures and continuing education opportunities. The knowledge and passion brought by this group of lecturers was useful, enlightening, understandable, and practical to all manner of individual involved in the canine industry. To have the ability to learn at this level while enjoying the atmosphere of a cruise was outstanding!
Michelle C…Ontario

The participants spent their hard earned time and money to learn from industry leaders what they may not have known before, or how they can do things better… The groups were intimate enough to have a dialogue of discussion with the lecturers and other participants without being too large as to feel intimidated to ask questions. It allowed for multiple inputs with different perspectives due to the diversity of participants.
Suzanne C…Florida

My opinion of the Canine Seminar at Sea is that you would be crazy not to partake of this exceptional opportunity to combine a vacation with a marvelous educational agenda.
Dr. Chiunti…Ontario

There is nothing better than sun, sea, and talking dogs with fellow enthusiasts…but love that fact that we have 3 beautiful Service dogs on board who love everyone. Celebrity has been super, thank you Roxanne and Virginia for making this experience a reality. All the speakers have shared valuable information and could listen to them for several more days….guess that means booking another cruise
Heather A…Panagenics

Working with fellow breeders and competitors throughout North America has allowed a much more open mind to information. The passion that all members carried for their canine partners was refreshing and unguarded. Many idea’s and experiences were exchanged to assist with our decisions in a positive environment. Canine Seminar at Sea shows competent organizers that bring us the best available for a variety of learning where everyone can contribute and learn.
Judi E…Ontario

Eddie Dziuk Just returned from the 2020 Canine Seminars At Sea event. I had the honor of sharing the speakers panel with Bill Shelton, Patti Strand, Dr. Cindy Smith, and Dr. Nancy Brandt on a variety of canine health and breeding topics. Great concept combining 3 educational program days while at sea, with 3 days at port for shore excursions or simply relaxing on the ship. I was unsure what I’d think about the cruise concept, but thoroughly enjoyed myself. The ship was amazing – spotlessly clean, comfortable, great food, great drinks, tons of activities, outstanding service. They’ve just released their 2021 itinerary and program speakers. Highly recommend to anyone that’s been toying with the idea of a cruise, and would like to combine it with some dog orientated educational programs. Check them out!

Bill Shelton Eddie Dziuk Your presentation was par excellence! Your thoughtful delivery of data, with your passion for the subject is just right! . OFA and the intentionally breeding community of purposefully bred dogs owe you a debt of gratitude. Thank you.

Rebecca Stephens Eddie Dziuk, wonderful! 14-15 years ago, Margie and I went on a K-9 College Cruise and it was outstanding. Dr.Carmen Battaglia, Pat Hastings, and numerous other presenters were aboard to help make the week long cruise, organized by Katie Markley, an excellent experience for breeders and enthusiasts. I’m so glad that another group is now coordinating these types of informative opportunities. The sharing of knowledge, research, and experience is invaluable.