1. To promote the breeding of purebred and/or purposefully bred dogs.
  2. To bring together breeders and advocates of breeding purebred and/or purposefully bred dogs.
  3. To communicate & educate, in and outside our community, our perspectives on purebred and/or purposefully bred dogs.
  4. To build a community of respectful contributors and students on the subject of purebred and/or purposefully bred dogs.
  5. To collaborate in a collegial, and certainly not rude or disrespectful manner, to other group members.

My purpose in organizing these cruises is to offer to all breeders the tools to help us all to get better educated, and to form a stronger team for the betterment of the breeds. Tools and knowledge help us make decisions based on research and facts, not hearsay and gossip. To this end I have combined my strong background in customer service, my background in cruises through my association with Expedia Cruise Ship centers, and my experience in workig with various breeds within the Sporting Group in field, obedience, confromation and therapy work to offer an educational and entertaining total Canine Seminar at Sea package.

My personal passion is being a caregiver with Seniors and Rescue Dogs. Being a Foster Mom for many years with “Tiny Paws” has given me a complete picture of what pet enthusiasts need.

The Canine Seminar at Sea is not operated with a profit margin. All funds go into making these cruises the most spectacular and informative as possible.